Adding Character to a New Space

One challenge we face when doing new construction is giving the house character and interest you see in old homes.

We were working with a client who wanted a copper hood that felt like it was old and from a factory. We looked at several companies that made premade hoods but the issue we were having was the ceiling height. To make it work with taller ceiling, their solution was to add a hood extender piece. Long story short, we were looking for something that was more in scale. Below is what we did:

Our cabinet maker made a form to wrap the copper around. He was able to make it perfectly to scale with the range and ceiling height.


From there we had our roofer cover it in copper. We chose copper as opposed to another metal because we liked how it patinas.


When our roofer finished we were ready to install and put in the hood liner (which actually pulls the air).


Once installed, our next job was to figure out how to make it dark. After trying all sorts of crazy methods including, salt and water, egg shells in a plastic bag, ammonia and vinegar, we found Liver of Sulfer to be the best method. It was $15 from Amazon. We did samples and had the homeowner approve how dark she wanted it.


Once approved, our team used a spray bottle and wiped it on.


A white film came out which dissipated in a few days. The homeowner wanted more copper to shine through so we simply rubbed it with steel wool.

Christopher Johnson