Color Your Window Sashes

The color of the frame, sash, and grilles of a window are oftentimes overlooked when designing or building a home. By default, most windows come with white frames and grilles. An easy way to add an extra bit of detail and depth to a home is to color both the frames and the grilles.

Here is what I mean:


Imagine how different these buildings would look if their window frames were white?

Sometimes you will find yourself looking at a home, trying to figure out what it is that makes it have that extra pop. A lot of times it is good exterior paint color. However, I have found that those buildings with that outstanding look, typically incorporate a colored window frame as well.

It isn’t always appropriate to color the window frames and sashes. It is sometimes best to keep them white, depending on the colors and style of building.


This home is more suited to white frames and grilles. Doing black frames with the black shutters could have been considered, but one might argue that it would add too much of a black shadow feeling to the home and been too strong, whereas the white really does well against the light grey siding. It adds just the righ amount of contrast without being overbearing.

Take care when picking out colors for your home. Especially the window frames. This can be a great way to really set your home or design apart from others.

Christopher Johnson