Green Building

What Green Means To Us

When we build any home, whether it be a certified green built/energy star home or not, we implement the same construction techniques and materials that result in a high performing building. A lot of these techniques are just good construction practices, rather than radical green building products. There is a definite advantage to using products and resources such as solar panels and geo-thermal heating, but we have found that 75% of building a high performing home can be accomplished through quality, thought out, and responsible home building and design. Solar panels and spray foam insulation are the icing on the cake for the individual who desires the ultimate green home, which we are equally passionate about.

We build certified green built homes through the NAHB Green program. This program will certify that your home is built to:

  1. Use Less Energy – Lower energy bills
  2. Use Less Water – Lower energy bills
  3. Use Less Natural Resources – Enable better stewartship and lower cost of living
  4. Create Less Waste during and after construction
  5. Provide A Healthier Living Environment for you and your family
Christopher Johnson