Kitchen: It’s All About Organization

Throughout the home, we are seeing more and more emphasis on smart organization. Here are some ideas that we have found helpful in bringing order to a space.

Matching Canister/Jars:

If you are not ready to renovate a space, simply having matching canisters can make a world of difference. In addition, if you put like things together, it brings order to a space and can make it pretty to look at.


Drawer Inserts:

These are wonderful; they create a home for each item in your kitchen! We use the following sources to customize them for our homeowners.

Custom Inserts
Cut-To-Size Inserts
Wood Drawer Inserts



When we do doors in kitchens, most of the times we use rollouts. They bring full function to the space. The picture below is one we did next to an oven. It is a great space for spices, oils, etc., yet narrow enough that you can still reach the drawer next to it to retrieve hot pads, spatulas, ladles, and other cooking tools when standing at the range.


Bread Drawer:

When our clients first started requesting these, I didn’t really see the function. I thought they were a large waste of space. After getting a lot of feedback, I am more inclined to recommend them. They are great for bread storage, as well as crackers, chips, or anything else that has the tendency to go stale when left out. In addition, you can get them in smaller sizes if you don't want them to take up a whole drawer.

Tupperware Drawer:

This is one of my favorites! It is a drawer within a drawer so you have space for the containers and the tops! These can also be used for pots as well.


Cutting Board and Sheet Pan Storage:

I like to put these in spaces where there is an odd angle; it brings function to a space that would otherwise not be utilized.


Under Counter Plate Storage:

With a large emphasis on drawers rather than doors in a kitchen, we have found that some people like the accessibility of having their plates in drawers

Christopher Johnson