Will Johnson Building Company

It all starts with a vision

Our process for building a home is the result of over 20 years experience in building and remodeling homes. This process has evolved over the years and technology has played a large role in shaping our systems, but the overall goal remains the same: To make building or remodeling as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. In brief, here is how it works:

Phase One: Schematic Design & Budget Forecast

The first requirement of any new home or remodeling project is to have basic idea of what you are going to build, the timeframe, and the associated costs. During Phase 1, we will develop schematics or loose concepts of your home design and a budget forecast.

Phase Two: Preliminary Design & Specifications

Now that we have a basic design and budget established, the next step is to specify the systems in your home, such as heating and air, septic, and electrical. The architecture work will be in making sure those systems are integrated into the design and bringing the schematic drawings to full scale drawings

Phase Three: Detailed Selections & Pre-Construction

Final step is to furnish the construction documents, or “blueprints” that will be used to build your home and define your selections. The blueprints will reflect all of the systems and specifications that were established in phase two. Your blueprints will illustrate all of the requirements and details to turn in to the permitting offices and complete construction. During this phase, you will work with our team to finish your selections.